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Ethiopia’s scientific pursuit to combat Covid-19 - Ethiopian Magazine | Ethiopian News

Ethiopia’s scientific pursuit to combat Covid-19

In an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus that has claimed tens of thousands of lives and bedridden close to two million people across the world, scientists are scrambling to find a cure for the deadly coronavirus. Many experts are desperately wobbling around attempting clinical trials to develop vaccines. Ethiopia has also joined the search for medicine for...

Race for space commercialization - Ethiopian Magazine | Ethiopian News

Race for space commercialization

Ordinary private passengers are about to travel to space and for a five-minute stay in outer space that will cost USD 200,000. This much money is paid for a 100 kilometers rise in altitude, perhaps floating for a few minutes, and an opportunity to look down to earth from space. This is space tourism. Tickets are being sold and many...

A leap into space - Ethiopian Magazine | Ethiopian News

A leap into space

Ethiopia has finally entered its name in the list of countries that have sent satellites to space. The decreasing cost of satellites coupled with their diminishing size has enabled developing countries to ventured into the space realm which Ethiopia has become the latest one to do so. ETRSS-1, a remote sensing microsatellite was launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center...



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