Reality beyond the GERD rhetoric

Seleshi Bekele Awulachew (PhD) is Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy. He is tasked with one of the most contentious projects Ethiopia has been developing for the past eight years on the Nile River. His biography shows very rich and 30 years of expertise in leadership, research, teaching, and advisory...

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Hepatitis: a growing challenge

Bassem Bibi has more than two decades of experience in the medical equipment industry, specializing in interventional cardiology, vascular, endovascular, cardiac surgery and orthopedics. In 2019, Bassem joined Abbott’s Rapid Diagnostics business as Vice President and General Manager for Infectious Disease focusing on emerging markets and Africa. From 2015 to...

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Economic planning went awry

For more than a decade, Kenichi Ohno (Professor), one of the commended Japanese economic scholars used to be closely attached to Ethiopia's industrial development policies. He was involved in the high-level dialogues that used to get and talk with ministers and mid-level officials at least biannually. More often, previous prime...

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A traveler’s guide to Ethiopia

Trevor Jenner is a lifelong traveler with vast knowledge and experience on traveling across Ethiopia. He has written a new travelers handbook - Ethiopia Travellers' Handbook - with references on travelling in Ethiopia. Here, he reflects with Samuel Getachew of The Reporter on his own biography, experience, on his handbook and suggest ways...

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