Peace: Ethiopia’s most valuable currency

Peace: Ethiopia’s most valuable currency

Ethiopia is a country with a volatile and complex political history rife with violence and atrocities.It has had more than its share of wars and conflicts that have exacted terrible humanitarian, social and economic tolls since the founding of the modern. The raft of crises that have been gripping it for decades have particularly intensified ever since Prime Minister Abiy...

Nile no more Aladdin’s cave - The Reporter Magazine | Ethiopian Magazine

Nile no more Aladdin’s cave

The United States always praises the ingenuity of skills mastered in constructing the Hoover Dam. They often idolize this dam by saying, “an American icon”, “a monument to the ingenuity of the nation’s engineers and the power of its machines”. The Americans have never been short of ululations. They say “Hoover Dam is the symbol of an era when an...

Police chief killed, 29 injured

Fight Covid-19 but fight it right

Exposed to all kinds of challenges in many trying times, human beings have always survived. They have adopted and adapted the most difficult circumstances and learned to overcome challenges and move on. We are in a pandemic calamity. The whole world doesn’t know what to do. Everywhere is chaos. Everyone has been racked. Many lost loved ones. Multitudes have been...

Police chief killed, 29 injured

Division breeds chaos

Ethiopia, time and time again, has survived perilous times in its history. Foreign aggressors, famine, a tyrant, political upheavals, and the like, have kept Ethiopia from reaching the heights that others have reached and continue to reach. Nevertheless, heroic deeds by our forefathers during a period of colonialism turnedthe agrarian country into a beacon of hope to the rest of...

Police chief killed, 29 injured

Uphold security, not sympathy!

It is sad and disturbing that we must learn the news of dead innocent civilians every day. It is so saddening that we must endure more pains often. Sorrow and grief have become an inexorable burden that parents, relatives and most depressing, children to be troubled with emotional and psychological traumas. Innocent citizens are becoming forced to be mentally confined...



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