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Covid-19 deprives poor livelihoods - Ethiopian Magazine | Ethiopian News

Covid-19 deprives poor livelihoods

Almaz Hailu (opted not to reveal her real name) has been working at a major four-star hotel in Addis Ababa until COVID-19 hit Ethiopia. “I was told to takemy paidannual leave. I have a month saved up. But they don’t know what will happen to us if the virus continues spreading”, she said. She fears she may no longer have...

Somaliland teaches math through fables - Ethiopian Magazine | Ethiopian News

Somaliland teaches math through fables

He was taught to be a mathematician; yet, he is an enthusiast lover of art. The fusion of the mathematical expert blended natural science with art fetched earned him respect and turns out to be an electrified advocate of art and culture.  Jama Musse Jama (PhD), is the founder and managing director of the Redsea Cultural Foundation. His foundation runs...

Digitalizing health care with medical apps

Art in times political transitions

The connection between artists and government has existed since the formal establishment of the state. Just as Roman emperors had their faces engraved in coins and erected statues around cities, or the Medici patronized Leonardo da Vinci and Cold War politics drove governments to devote time and resources to creating propaganda pieces art and politics have been inseparable. States and...

Art in times political transitions

Digitalizing health care with medical apps

Nowadays, many people can be seen with smartphones which has made information easily accessible for all, including medical and health care information.   When a person feels unwell, the first thing they do is google their symptoms. Self-diagnosis has become easier. Yet many health care practitioners and patients are wary of electronic health check-ups. In Ethiopia, at a national level,...

Understanding the business side of music - Ethiopian Magazine | Ethiopian News

Understanding the business side of music

Music is part of the thriving creative industry that can contribute to the economic value as well as build a positive image. In Ethiopia there are many iconic artistes that have gained global acclaim and behind those artistes are unrecognized hardworking music managers. Leul Shoaferaw is the founding director of WAG Entertainment Agency. WAG is a company that specializes in...

Ethiopia seen through letters

Ethiopia seen through letters

Ethiopia is a unique land with a long history. As being one of the few lands that has its own alphabet, people forgot how unique it is. According to sources, Ethiopia is the only country in Africa with its own distinct alphabet, which uses the system of Abugida. Zeradawit Adhana, Ge’ez lecturer at Addis Ababa University says that Ge’ez is...


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